Компютърна диагностика


Computer diagnostics and electronic system faults clear-up

Computer diagnostics and faults clear-up is an integral part of car maintenance. There is no specific interval when diagnostics should be performed, but the practice has imposed preventive (prophylactic) and urgent diagnostics. As the names themselves suggest, the diagnosis can be performed preventively before, at any time, or urgently, after, the occurrence of a failure (emergency).

The purpose of preventive diagnostics is to track indications of problems in electronic systems before a failure occurs. Most often it is simply checking for faults, clearing faults during vehicle servicing, and in many cases prevents breakdowns on the road, as it detects possible failures in the early stage. This type of diagnostics could be performed between service intervals as well. It involves also service interval reset, service procedures, faults clear-up, and components replacement in presence of reliable data for possible failures.

Urgent diagnostics is the one no driver wants to get to. It takes place when the vehicle's functions are partially or completely disabled due to failure in the electronic control systems. In the event of a failure, the cost of repairs can be disheartening high, so at Go Plus Auto Service, we recommend a focus on preventive diagnostics. No matter which repair shop you trust for repair or maintenance, ask them to check the electronics at least twice a year.

At Go Plus Auto Service in Lyulin 6, Sofia, we'll perform quality diagnostic work and faults clear-up in the case you have no access to a reliable service provider. Should you wish to book a visit for diagnostics, please, use the button below. More information about our diagnostics pricing is available here.

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