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Скъпи клиенти, автосервизът ще бъде затворен на 4-ти Март. Предварително се извиняваме за неудобството.

The 10 most important car checks

There are many things that drivers need to check to make sure their car is safe on the road in the winter, including wipers, lights and tires. Some of these inspections, such as those on tires, wipers and lights, can also save penalty points and fines. [...]

3 facts about engine oil one must know

Engine oil - viscosity What is SAE viscosity? SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers. SAE has developed a digital classification system to determine the viscosity or density of oil. The original viscosity grades were all single-grade, e.g. a typical motor oil of this type was SAE 30. This was the operating temperature viscosity. The higher the number of single-stage oils, […]

When do old tyres become dangerous?

Do tyres have expiry date? For years, drivers rely on thread depth to determine when a tyre is due change. Even when thread wears to the wear mark, they still think the tyre is good to drive which may be a fatal mistake. The old tyres are dangerous despite the thread depth [...]

Prepare for the winter - check your battery

Battery test before the winter helps identify potential risks from a low battery. That's why it is advised that the battery gets checked at least once before the winter. This might identify a potential failure and save you from unwanted breakdowns. The current charge might be enough to power your lights but could be insufficient to start the engine [...]

Main elements of wheel adjustment

Have you noticed that your steering wheel is turned slightly left or right when you drive in a straight line? If yes, this could be an indicator for suspension misalignment. It usually happens with suspension elements wear or could be caused by accidentally hitting curbs [...]

Should you equip winter tyres for the winter season?

What is the difference between winter and all-weather tyres? Winter season is the period when drivers get in trouble. This guide for winter tyre choice will reveal the secrets of safe driving on the wintery roads. Here are the 7 reasons of equipping your vehicle with winter tyres: 1. The winter and all-weather tyres are [...]

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