3D Front and Rear Wheel Alignment from 30 BGN. Tracking Check from 15 BGN
We specialise in Car, Jeep, Van, Truck, and Bus wheel alignment. We've got the latest generation 3D equipment. Skip the queue by booking a visit using the button below, it's fast and easy.
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A Wide Range of New Tyres, Quick and Skilled Replacement and Balance from 6 BGN per Tyre
If safety and reliability are your priority, we'd like to ensure you that at the Go Plus garage for tracking, wheel repair, tyres, batteries, and oil change in Sofia, don't compromise them too. We'll perform a free tracking check when you buy and fit 4 new tyres here.
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Bent Wheel Repair from 15 BGN
We fix bent steel and alloy wheels using precise equipment to prevent premature tyre wear and suspension component damage.
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Lights - Bulb Sale and Replacement, Headlight Alignment
You can count on us to fit high-quality bulbs and perform a high-standard light service. We work with the OSRAM range of bulbs. If you are concerned about a long queue in the shop, we advise booking a time before visiting us.
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Battery Sale and Replacement
Do you have problems starting in the morning? We are here to help. We fit VARTA batteries that guarantee good performance, but we supply other brands on request, as well.
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Lubricants and Filters Change
We work with high-quality lubricants PEMCO, quality filters, and brands of your choice. You could avoid waiting by booking your visit in advance.
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пистолет за смяна монтаж демонтаж на гуми
ръкавици за смяна на гуми

"Go Plus" Auto Repair - specialising in wheel alignment, wheel repair, tyre and battery change, and oil service in Lyulin, Sofia. Check our full list of services here..

Experts with years of experience in wheel alignment and vehicle servicing using modern equipment, take care of your peace of mind and safety on the road.

механик от автосервиз за реглаж, изправяне джанти, смяна гуми, акумулатори, масло и филтри Гоу Плюс в София сменя масло и филтри на автомобил

"Here at 'GO PLUS' garage for wheel alignment, tyres, batteries, oil service, and wheel repair in Lyulin, Sofia, we appreciate and respect our clients and strive to give them peace of mind and safety on the road. Therefore, we take care of their vehicles at our best.

The types of service & repair we do as car, jeep, van, truck, and bus front and rear wheel alignment; tyre change and balance; oil service and filters change; lights check, bulbs replacement and headlamps adjustment; battery replacement; fault codes check and clear-up, and more - we do it with a focus on the details.

In our garage work professionals, that handle customers' vehicles with care and punctuality." - the owner Dancho says.

кола повдигната за смяна на гуми в автосервиз за реглаж и гуми
туба за масло

GO PLUS auto repair shop's work time:

Monday to Friday:

9:00 - 19:00 ч.


9:00 - 16:00 ч.



Public holidays

ring 0879994450 in advance

червена туба за гориво red fuel drum
OSRAM is a brand of superior quality. These bulbs guarantee long-lasting use.
Bulk oil
PEMCO is our prefered oil brand for its outstanding balance between the quality and price.
We stock most of the coolant types to be able to satisfy your needs. Maybe you have to consider a coolant change?
We stock tyres. To exceed your expectations, we'll match a free tracking check to any set of 4 new tyres you buy from us.
Starter batteries
We don't compromise quality because we don't want to fail you when in an important moment. VARTA takes care of this, so do us.
крик за гуми на бял фон с червена кръгла рамка jack for tyres tires change icon
Front and rear axle tracking
Certainly, you already know why tracking is so important. If you feel pulling to the left or right on a straight flat road, you might consider visiting our shop.
Tyre change and balance
Years of experience, strive for perfection, and ultra-modern equipment for wheel repair.
Oil and filters change
Regular oil and filters change is the care your vehicle needs utmost to be able to serve you reliably.
Bulb change and headlight adjustment
Lights in good working condition have many benefits but safety is the most important one. Get to notice other vehicles and get noticed, too.
Battery test and replacement
You need the car but the battery is down? We can check the charging system and replace the battery if necessary.
Fault codes check and clear-up
Before replacing expensive parts, it's a good idea to check and clear the faults. In many cases, that's just enough.
Tyre Hotel
We've got a convenient 5-star tyre motel with "excellent room service" on the back. You don't have to worry about the room in the basement or the garage anymore.
бутилка с масло на бял фон и кръгла червена рамка 1 liter oil bottle
You can schedule your garage visit even out of our work hours when you can't get us on the phone. The booking process is pretty straightforward, and you get a confirmation email and reminders about your upcoming visit so that you can't miss it.