GoPlus Auto Service
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Скъпи клиенти, желаем ви здрава и плодотворна 2024!

Our Mission

GoPlus is a car repair shop specializing in 3D front and rear wheel alignment, tyre-fitting, and distorted wheel repairs. We also change engine oil and filters and test and replace starter batteries. The list of services includes bulb changes and headlight adjustments and keeps growing. We plan to include vehicle air conditioning systems service soon.
Лек автомобил Мерцедес повдигнат на повдигачи за смяна на гуми | Автосервиз GoPlus Люлин 6 София
Founded in 2020, our shop has the ambition and potential to earn and solidify customers' trust. We will achieve it with honesty, quality services and consumables at competitive price, according to our workshop manager Dancho Kyosev. We believe you'll be driving confidently and safely after you visit our workshop.
Снимка на механик с работен гащеризон | Автосервиз GoPlus Люлин 6 София

Dancho Kyosev - Go Plus shop manager

Our Team

Our team consists of specialists with long experience in tyre fitting and suspension tracking. Therefore, we focus our effort and aspiration on perfecting what we are best at, in line with the latest technology trends. Of course, we don't limit ourselves. We invest in know-how, new skills, and tools as well. We want to make sure you get all the benefits from our service.

Our principles

Service excellence and customer safety are our top priorities. They emanate from our values, such as health and safety, respect, honesty, integrity, accountability, loyalty, responsiveness, enthusiasm, and desire to excel... To be able to excel, though, we need you - our clients. We are going to reward your trust and loyalty with improved quality of service.

Where and how to find us

We are exhilarated to invite you into our repair shop located at Dr Petar Dertliev Blvd, Lyulin 6, Sofia in front of the No.639 blockhouse. In case you need further guidance, don't hesitate to call us at 087-999-4450. You can book a visit by phone or using the booking form on our website at any time. We won't turn you back even if you pop in our door without a prior booking, but you might have to wait for a while. (You can find our exact location here). Let's put the beginning of a long-term trusted partnership for your vehicle servicing today!
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