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Oil and filters change

Oil and filters change - oil, air, fuel, cabin filter

One of the most important service procedures for your vehicle is the scheduled oil and filters change. That's a filthy and unpleasant specific process, if you decide to do it on your own. That's why you would want to let the experienced service technicians of Go Plus Auto Service do it for you.

It is recommended to change oil and filters according to the car manufacturers' recommendations, using only the dedicated parts. Mileage and frequency depend on the climate and conditions of use of your car. An example of conditions that require more frequent high-load use - steeper or uneven terrain requiring frequent and abrupt gear changes, polluted environment… Under these circumstances, the engine oil life decreases, and filters get clogged quickly meaning they will have to be changed more often. An irrevocable part of the oil change is the oil filter, which must be replaced together with the oil. Find our prices of oil and filters change here.

Many damages can occur to the engine if you systematically neglect or delay the oil change. From premature wear of the internal components to complete engine failure, the effect and cost can be quite frustrating.

Of huge importance is the quality of the new oil. Modern engine oil contains different ingredients and is designed to work in different temperature ranges and engine part friction. It is very important to make sure that the oil you buy from the retail store is suitable for your car's engine.

Bear in mind that most of the auto repair workshops fill the oil they normally stock which is not necessarily the one designated for your engine. In many cases, the oil you're getting is even the improper one, reflecting in your engine performance. If you hear excessive noise or metal friction sound from the engine or you see blue-ish smoke behind your car while driving, after your last oil change, that could be a result of low-quality or improper engine oil.

At Go Plus Auto Service, we take the responsibility to provide you with the recommended quality oil and filters at the optimal price. If your vehicle needs engine oil and filters changed, you are welcome to book a service via the button below.


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