3D Реглаж на преден и заден мост – кола, джип, микробус, камион, автобус

3D Front and Rear Wheel Alignment - Car, SUV, Van, Truck, Bus

3D Front and Rear Wheel Alignment - Car, SUV, Van, Truck, Bus

At GoPlus Auto Service, we perform car, SUV, van, truck, and bus wheel alignment. We use the latest generation 3D equipment of the Italian garage equipment manufacturer HPA-FAIP that undergoes frequent tests and SW updates to ensure its accurate performance. The manufacturing company is world-renown with its highest quality automotive repair equipment. Combined with the years of experience and mastery of our team in the wheel alignment, we'll perform quality tracking at some of the best prices in Sofia.

Correct wheel alignment, also known as tracking, reduces tyre wear and improves the vehicle's stability on the road, resulting in bigger safety and an optimized maintenance budget.

Typical symptoms of misalignment are steering wheel set to an angle during straight drive or the vehicle's pulling to the left or right side of the road. In any case, it is better to share the details with our professional team when you visit the garage. Having in mind that similar symptoms may appear when a wheel or tyre is damaged, a wheel check and repair or tyre replacementmay take place if you also felt vibrations. We can do that for you as well.

Our garage is located in Lyulin 6 and is easily accessible. You can find the exact location on the map below.

What the wheel alignment service consist of: We perform a free tracking check when you buy and fit 4 new tyres in our garage. The regular price of the wheel alignment check is BGN 15 for Car/SUV/Van and BGN 30 for Truck/Bus. The relevant prices for front and rear wheel alignment are 35 лв. за Car, 45 лв. за SUV or Van and BGN 90 for Truck or Bus. Combined front and rear wheel alignment takes 45 лв. за Cars and 55 лв. за SUVs and Vans; BGN 50 surcharge per each additional axle on top of the basic price for Truck and Bus. You can book a visit directly by clicking the button below or by phone. For more information ring by tapping here +359 879 994450


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