Tyre Hotel

TYRE HOTEL FOR PEACE OF MIND AND MORE ROOM AT HOME... Tyre Hotel is a popular service giving you peace of mind about your tyre storage that enables more room at home, in the basement, or in the garage. Go Plus Auto Service in Lyulin 6, Sofia provides an ideal opportunity to our clients and people who haven't been our clients yet... [...]

Starter battery sales, battery test and replacement

BATTERY SALES, TEST, AND CHANGE... One of the services of Go Plus Auto Service, intended to create more comfort and peace of mind, is the battery sales, test, and change. Cold starting is secured and easy with a new quality battery fitted by us. The vehicle battery is the heart of the vehicle where all the electrical power necessary for keeping the electronic and electric systems alive is stored. Therefore... [...]

Distorted wheel repair

At 'GoPlus', we can recover the original shape of your steel and alloy wheels using a professional machine. Have your vehicle booked via the booking form or on the phone to avail of the service... [...]

Bulb change and headlight adjustment

Смяна на Крушки и реглаж на фарове в Автосервиз Гоу Плюс Ако насреща ви присветкват често или в тъмното забелязвате, че фаровете не са равномерно разположени на пътното плътно най-вероятно се налага да бъде извършен реглаж на фаровете ви. Заповядайте при нас. ЗАПАЗИ ЧАС СЕГА

3D Front and Rear Wheel Alignment - Car, SUV, Van, Truck, Bus

3D FRONT AND REAR WHEEL ALIGNMENT - CAR, SUV, VAN, TRUCK, BUS... At GoPlus Auto Service, we perform car, SUV, van, truck, and bus wheel alignment. We use the latest generation 3D equipment of the Italian garage equipment manufacturer HPA-FAIP that undergoes frequent tests and SW updates to ensure its accurate performance. The manufacturing company is world-renown with its highest quality automotive repair equipment... [...]

Tyre sales, tyre change and balancing

TYRE SALES, SKILLFUL TYRE CHANGE, PRECISE BALANCE... We perform new tyre sales, change, and balance including change and balance of customer pre-owned tyres. When buying 4 new tyres from us, we check your wheel alignment free of chargeto ensure your new tyres won't wear quickly. For more information about change and balance... [...]

Oil and filters change

OIL AND FILTERS CHANGE - OIL, AIR, FUEL, CABIN FILTER... One of the most important service procedures for your vehicle is the scheduled oil and filters change. That's a filthy and unpleasant specific process, if you decide to do it on your own. That's why you would want to let the experienced service technicians of Go Plus Auto Service do it for you. It is recommended to change oil and filters according to the car manufacturers' recommendations, using only the dedicated parts. Mileage and frequency depend on the climate and conditions of use of your car. An example of conditions that require... [...]

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