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Продажба, тест и смяна на акумулатори

Starter battery sales, battery test and replacement

Battery sales, test, and change

One of the services of Go Plus Auto Service, intended to create more comfort and peace of mind, is the battery sales, test, and change. Cold starting is secured and easy with a new quality battery fitted by us. The vehicle battery is the heart of the vehicle where all the electrical power necessary for keeping the electronic and electric systems alive is stored. Therefore, the battery condition is crucial for normal vehicle operation.

When the battery capacity drops down, you may notice symptoms like hard or impossible start, multiple faults in the electronic systems, or complete shutdown that may lead to discomfort and unsafety before and during the drive.

The low-charge state could be caused by many factors like battery cell decomposition, insufficient charging, faulty charging system or software, electrical failure, additional connected electric modules like chargers, GPS-trackers, audio systems, corroded connections, not fully closed doors, etc.

In some cases, the battery could be fully recovered after discharge using a battery charger. In others, the acid may be diluted and you may need a new battery. That's why, before you invest in a new battery, we recommend that you visit a specialist to have the battery tested and your vehicle's charging system and electric circuits checked. At Go Plus Auto Service, we'll be more than happy to do the checks for you and replace the battery if needed. Find out more about our prices here



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