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Диагностика и зареждане на автоклиматици

Air Con Diagnostics and Refilling

Air Con Diagnostics and Refilling

If you need an answer to why your aircon doesn't work efficiently or you wonder if it requires specific servicing, the experienced GoPlus Auto Service techs are at your service.
While the aircon cools the passenger compartment efficiently when it's warm outside, there's nothing to worry about. The system doesn't require specific maintenance except if a problem has occurred.
The air con is a closed system which circulates a mixture of pressurised Freon gas with a small quantity of lubricant.

How Can You Identify a Problem with the Air Con...

If your air-con blows air with the ambient temperature when it's set to cool, or the system creates strange noise or doesn't engage at all, it isn't functioning right.
The most common problem with air-cons is system leak. This could happen through a micro-crack or bad seal of any element - pump, evaporator, pipes, condenser, expansion valve, etc. Refilling valves could also cause a leak which remains unnoticed by inexperienced service technicians.
When the air conditioning is weak or doesn't work, you can choose between not using it or visiting our service centre in Lyulin 6, Sofia, so we can troubleshoot it and return it to its optimal working condition.
Why trust our air-con experts?
Most conditioning systems have protection that doesn't allow engagement when the gas pressure falls below the threshold. Yet, there are some cases when the low-pressure protection doesn't trigger.
We highly recommend avoiding the use of the air-con when it's inefficient. It might cause the failure of system components. Topping up the gas without proper troubleshooting is only a temporary solution. You risk wasting your money without removing the root cause of the leak.
A diagnostic check with our specialists includes complete gas & lubricant extraction (in many cases, the system is full of air), system leak test, and refilling with the exact quantity of gas, lubricant and leak detection agent.
A complete test and refilling procedure is the only way to ensure the system has been serviced properly.

Air-con Test and Refilling Price

В Автосервиз GoPlus използваме модерна машина за проверка и пълнене на автоклиматици.

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