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Distorted wheel repair

Precise distorted wheel repair - steel and alloy wheels

With the distorted wheel machining service, GoPlus Auto Service aim to increase the comfort of your trip and reduce the maintenance costs of your car. Wheel distortions are, in many cases, invisible defects, which affect the drivers' wallets. Bent wheels can cause excessive suspension vibration and noise, premature suspension components wear, pulling of the car left or right on the road, quick tyre wear, discomfort and fatigue while driving.

Alloy wheels are massively fitted as standard equipment on most new models of cars. Accidentally hitting the curb or passing through a pothole can cause both cosmetic damage to the wheel surface, such as scratches and chips and also structural damage, such as cracks and distortions. Fortunately, our team at GoPlus can quickly restore your steel or aluminium wheels' original shape with a special machine.

The price varies between BGN 15 and BGN 40 depending on the rim size. More about our price range can be found here.

After wheel repair, it is absolutely necessary to perform wheel balancing , a check, and if necessary, correction of the wheel alignment. This will ensure a complete quality service intended to save your concerns around remaining vibrations and repeated garage visits.

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