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Tyre sales, tyre change and balancing

Tyre sales, skillful tyre change, precise balance

We perform new tyre sales, change, and balance including change and balance of customer pre-owned tyres. When buying 4 new tyres from us, we check your wheel alignment free of chargeto ensure your new tyres won't wear quickly. For more information about change and balance prices check our price list here.

During seasonal tyre change, we provide space to store your tyres, this way letting more room in your home or garage. This service is well known as tyre hotel. You can learn more about our tyre storage pricing here.

Also, we can perform wheel alignment check by customer request using a precise 3D front and rear wheel alignment equipment at a cost of BGN 15. You can find information about check and wheel alignment prices here

Here is a piece of advice from us... don't underestimate tyre check procedures. Optimal pressure, precise balance, and proper wheel torque with a torque wrench (torquing at certainNm) are very important for even tyre wear and the safe use of your vehicle. That's why the check is our moral obligation regarding ensuring your safe and comfortable trips. Coming to our garage, you can rest assured that your wheels will be handled professionally, and your bolts or nuts won't get damaged, loose, or overtight.


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